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Painting Title: Mrs. Mary Jane


Original painting 36x36 inches. This artwork was collaged, painted and then resin was poured over the entire artwork for a luminous shine. Artist signed on the front. 


All original artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and our studio wax seal affixed to the back. A detailed and signed certificate is included for you to keep for your records. Both the Certificate of Authenticity and the detailed certificate are hand signed by artist Nicole Heere. 


*Video music by Doris Day

Mrs. Mary Jane

  • Let's be blunt, you need this painting! Mommy loves tending to her garden and she's got quite the green thumb. Want art with personality? Add this unforgettable artwork to your collection today! This is an original painting titled "Mrs. Mary Jane" and it depicts a housewife who loves getting her greens...wink, wink. She is part of the "Rebel Housewives Collection" by artist Nicole Heere. Add some intoxicating art to your home decor and chuckle every time you walk by it! Makes an unforgettable gift.