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Artist sitting by her panting.

Nicole’s Mission

Why Do We Discriminate Against Mother?

Housewife Rebellion was conceived by artist Nicole Heere. Her lighthearted protest art is the result of her daily life as a mother and wife keeping up appearances. Nicole highlights the reality of domestic life, we all need the dishes clean and the laundry done. Using whimsical comedy, Nicole adds life to characters that are usually background figures. Changing the narrative and bringing femininity, not sexuality, front and center.

Nicole’s Jasper magazine article

About Nicole

A photo of Nicole pregnant in the studio

Nicole Heere is an artist, wife and mother. She is best known for creating the genre FemPop which she sells under the brand Housewife Rebellion.

Nicole received her BFA from UTSA. In addition, she studied color theory under the late Chicano artist, Bruno Andrade, who’s mentor was a pupil of Hans Hoffman and Josef Albers.

​Nicole began her career as a street artist in New Orleans and began working her way up through the galleries.

​Her artwork has exhibited alongside some of the most famous and well known contemporary artists, including: Banksy, Invader, KAWS, Mr. Brainwash, Shepard Fairey and Takashi Murakami.

​Nicole’s work has been praised by both Vogue Paris and Vogue Germany, she has graced the cover of Jasper Art Magazine, and her artworks were used in a theatrical campaign in Kraków, Poland and seen on billboards and posters throughout the city.

​Nicole currently lives and works in Dallas, Texas.

Nicole’s Vogue Paris article

Pregnant artist painting in her studio.

Jasper magazine cover, image collage, and picture of lady holding a tray with teapot and pill bottles.

Vogue Germany article

Voyage Dallas article

ShoutoutDFW article

Canvas Rebel article


1988: Began oil painting at the age of 8: La Vernia, TX
2002: Studied color theory under Bruno Andrade, A Smithsonian Institution Artist: Corpus Christi, TX
2006: Graduated with a BFA from The University of Texas at San Antonio: San Antonio, TX

Artists Collaborations:
2003: Worked with famed artist Alex Rubio on a building mural: San Antonio, TX
2005: Worked with Serbian artist Milica Tomic while she was in residence at ArtPace: San Antonio, TX

Galleries who have Represented Nicole:
2009: Art USA: Austin, TX
2011-2012: The Great Artists Collective: New Orleans, LA
2012-2013: Luminarte Gallery: Dallas, Texas (Voted #1 gallery in Dallas by A-List voters in 2014)
2012-2013: Agora Gallery: New York, NY (Named a top gallery in NYC by CBS News in 2012)
2013: Kallenberg Gallery pop-up: Charleston, SC
2015: Ripe Art Gallery: Huntington, NY
2016: Kakar House of Design: Miami, FL
2016 – 2017: French Art Network, Galerie Rue Toulouse: New Orleans, LA
2016 – 2018: Residency at Tapp’s Art Center: Columbia, SC
2017 – 2019: Mitchell Hill Gallery: Charleston, SC
2017- 2019: The Art Plug: Miami, FL

2012: KXAN News Austin highlighted “Mayor of the Night” painting
2012: “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” painting featured in Patron Magazine
2012: The Dallas Morning News highlighted Nicole’s art in Arts & Life Sunday
2012: Featured in Origin Magazine twice
2012: “Touchdown Jesus” painting featured in Point of Vue Magazine
2013: Featured in Gallery & Studio Magazine
2013: Featured on
2013: Featured on Art Mag Charleston website
2014: “The Sad Song of Billie Holiday” painting featured on the cover of “Brilliant Corners” Jazz Journal
2016: Featured artist at Design Night Out Miami
2016: Poster art for the play “All About My Mother” at Theatre Laznia Nowa Poland
2016: “Mrs. Mary Jane” painting trended on Instagram
2016: “Mommy’s Little Helpers” painting used in advertising local theatre on billboards in the city of Krakow, Poland
2016: Works included in Columbia Artists Guild inaugural show “Our Art: A Celebration of Life and Creative Freedom” in Columbia, SC
2016: Artwork presented at “Figure Out” art exhibition in Columbia, SC
2016: Cover artist for Fall issue of Jasper Magazine
2016-2017: Artist in Residence at Tapp’s Art Center in Columbia, SC
2016: Featured on ArtsWACH for WACHFox news Columbia, SC
2016: Artist meet and greet at Galerie Rue Toulouse in New Orleans, LA
2017: Solo show at Kershaw County Arts Center in Camden, SC
2017: Group exhibition at Tapp’s Art Center in Columbia, SC
2017: Featured in French Quarterly Magazine, New Orleans, LA
2017: Solo Show at Patriot’s Hall Performing Arts Center (Formerly Jasper John’s High School) in Sumter, SC
2017: Featured on
2017: Featured on
2018: Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL
2018: Group exhibition at Tapp’s Art Center, Columbia, SC
2019: Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL
2022: The Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art & Bombay Sapphire, Dallas, TX (of 130 artists Nicole’s work was used to advertise the fair)
2022: Featured on Lynda Carter’s social media accounts
2023: Voyage Dallas article
2024: ShoutoutDFW article
2024: Canvas Rebel article


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