About Our Vineyards

A Rebellion the size of Texas

In the heart of Texas, where the spirit of rebellion runs as deep as the Lone Star State itself, you’ll find our vineyards, a testament to the enduring legacy of founder Nicole Heere, a proud fifth-generation Texan. With a history steeped in the land and a passion for innovation, we work with winemakers and growers in the vast expanses of the Texas High Plains and the picturesque beauty of the Texas Hill Country.

Our vineyard partners, scattered across this diverse Texan landscape, reflect the rebellious spirit of the state itself. The size of Texas is matched only by the size of our dreams and ambitions. In the High Plains, where the wide-open skies meet the earth, we nurture grapes that thrive in this unique terroir. Here, our grapes soak up the abundant sunlight and crisp, cool nights, resulting in wines that are as bold and adventurous as the Texans who call this region home.

Venture south to the Texas Hill Country, and you’ll discover a different kind of magic. Nestled among rolling hills and the rugged beauty of the landscape, vines flourish in this distinctive microclimate. The Hill Country’s warm days and cooler evenings give rise to wines that are both vibrant and nuanced, a true reflection of the rebellious diversity found within Texas.

With Nicole Heere’s deep-rooted connection to this land, our vineyards pay homage to the rich traditions of Texas while pushing the boundaries of winemaking innovation. Each vineyard tells a story of resilience, vision, and unwavering determination—values as big and bold as the rebellion that inspired it all.

As we continue to produce wines that capture the essence of Texas coupled with feminine rebellion, we invite you to join us on this journey. Raise a glass to the rebellious spirit of the Lone Star State, where our vineyards represent a legacy that stretches as far and wide as the Texas sky. Here’s to a rebellion the size of Texas, where we celebrate the land, the legacy, and the extraordinary wines that embody the heart and soul of our great state.


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